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My lovely “professional” (read: younger) profile picture

Petroleum engineer by degree, tinkerer by night, SCADA Analyst by day, nerd all the time. Husband to a wonderful wife and father to a lovely six month old daughter as of the writing of this post.

You know the 10,000 hour rule? Where people say that once you hit 10,000 hours doing an activity you become an expert in it? I’ve definitely hit 20,000 hours and quite possibly 30,000 hours with computers and other tech related things.

During my day job, people will have a problem and ask me to take a look. The problem often goes away as soon as I look at it. I tell the person I often scare computers into submission. From “my internet isn’t working” to “please expand this LUN on the shared storage server”, I have it handled.

Also the last four digits of my phone number (the one I got when I was 15), spell NERD. I am Austin Pivarnik.