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The most recent post is the next post down! I intend to use this site to document my journey down the path of nerdiness (past, present, and future). I’ve been learning over the years from various sites like what I hope this one becomes, and want to give back. I have a wide variety of […]

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RTL-SDR Giveaway Active!

I am giving away a NooElec RTL-SDR v4 bundle to get someone started in the hobby/addiction! Enter now through Sept 19, 2021. Link here – SDR Forums – RTL-SDR Giveaway!

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UFW – add IPv6 rule to top of chain

Brief Introduction This WordPress blog is decently protected from bots/hackers (read more at Securing this WordPress blog from evil hackers!) but I still get a ton of attempts on the site. Wordfence can block requests at the application layer but as I grow in traffic, I want to make sure CPU cycles aren’t wasted. Thus, […]

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Getting Started With SDR (software defined radio): Tutorial

Introduction – what is SDR? SDR stands for software defined radio. It is a term used to describe devices that can receive radio frequency signals over a wide range of frequencies. These devices most commonly interface with USB drives of computers / Raspberry Pi / similar. There are standalone-devices but they often cost quite a […]

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Announcing SDR Forums – A new forum for SDR discussions!

SDR Forum In my quest for doing more nerdy things, I wanted to set up a forum. I haven’t come across any good forums for SDRs so I decided to make my own. I took some time to decide on SDR forum software (MyBB), installed it (on the same host as this blog), and linked […]

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How to deploy VMs in Proxmox with Terraform

Background I’d like to learn Kubernetes and DevOps. A Kubernetes cluster requires at least 3 VMs/bare metal machines. In my last post, I wrote about how to create a Ubuntu cloud-init template for Proxmox. In this post, we’ll take that template and use it to deploy a couple VMs via automation using Terraform. If you […]

homelab Kubernetes Linux proxmox

How to create a Proxmox Ubuntu cloud-init image

Background for why I wanted to make a Proxmox Ubuntu cloud-init image I have recently ventured down the path of attempting to learn CI/CD concepts. I have tried docker multiple times and haven’t really enjoyed the nuances any of the times. To me, LXC/LXD containers are far easier to understand than Docker when coming from […]

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Sending MPP inverter data to MQTT and InfluxDB with Python

Catching up Hey there, welcome back to Austin’s Nerdy Things. It’s been a while since my last post – life happens. I haven’t lost sight of the blog. Just needed to do some other things and finish up some projects before documenting stuff. Background If you recall, my DIY hybrid solar setup with battery backup […]


CS193p Spring 2021 Lecture 4 & Assignment 2

After lecture 4 A lot of this stuff still isn’t making a ton of sense to me. I really struggled with how to init the theme for assignment 2. The key was optionals. How to do it came to me in the shower. I am writing this post after doing the changes from Lecture 4, […]