homelab Kubernetes Linux proxmox Terraform

How to deploy VMs in Proxmox with Terraform

Background I’d like to learn Kubernetes and DevOps. A Kubernetes cluster requires at least 3 VMs/bare metal machines. In my last post, I wrote about how to create a Ubuntu cloud-init template for Proxmox. In this post, we’ll take that template and use it to deploy a couple VMs via automation using Terraform. If you […]

homelab Kubernetes Linux proxmox

How to create a Proxmox Ubuntu cloud-init image

Background for why I wanted to make a Proxmox Ubuntu cloud-init image I have recently ventured down the path of attempting to learn CI/CD concepts. I have tried docker multiple times and haven’t really enjoyed the nuances any of the times. To me, LXC/LXD containers are far easier to understand than Docker when coming from […]

homelab Linux proxmox

Proxmox Cluster manual update

Recently ran into an issue where I added a node to my Proxmox cluster while a node was disconnected & off. That node (prox) caused the others to become unresponsive for a number of Proxmox things (it was missing from the cluster) upon boot. Set node to local mode The solution was to put the […]