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Microsecond accurate NTP with a Raspberry Pi and PPS GPS

Introduction Lots of acronyms in that title. If I expand them out, it says – “microsecond accurate network time protocol with a Raspberry Pi and pulse per second global positioning system [receiver]”. What it means is you can get super accurate timekeeping (1 microsecond = 0.000001 seconds) with a Raspberry Pi and a GPS receiver […]

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Proxmox Cluster manual update

Recently ran into an issue where I added a node to my Proxmox cluster while a node was disconnected & off. That node (prox) caused the others to become unresponsive for a number of Proxmox things (it was missing from the cluster) upon boot. Set node to local mode The solution was to put the […]


SSH Key Tutorial

SSH Key Tutorial This post will be a basic SSH key tutorial. In my Securing this WordPress blog from evil hackers! post, I recommended turning off password based SSH authentication and moving exclusively to SSH key based authentication. This post will go over the steps to set up SSH key authentication. The outline is: Generate […]

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Python service to consume Ambient Weather API data

Python service to consume Ambient Weather API data Continuing from the last post (Handling data from Ambient Weather WS-2902C to MQTT), we have a working script that reads the data coming from the Ambient Weather WS-2902 base station (Ambient Weather API) and sends it to a MQTT broker. In this post, we will turn that […]

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Securing this WordPress blog from evil hackers!

In my introduction post, I said I would write about topics in order of interest. Securing WordPress blogs from hackers isn’t exactly fun or interesting but it is very necessary in this day and age. Hackers are constantly probing sites on the internet for insecurities. They’re constantly trying to log into WordPress sites with easily […]